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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are SafeHuts™ manufactured?
    SafeHuts™ are manufactured in the USA at the Duffy Electric Boat factory in Adelanto, California.
  • Are SafeHuts™ intended to be permanent homeless housing?
    No, SafeHuts™ are interim bridge housing that provides a humane and safe structure for homeless living on the streets or in tents.
  • What material are SafeHuts™ made of?
    All elements (floor, walls and roof) are made of vacuum infused fiberglass.
  • Other temporary homeless shelters are made of plywood, drywall and wood studs.  Why is fiberglass a better material for temporary homeless shelters?"
    Fiberglass construction is nearly indestructible. It lasts for decades and is maintenance free. Other materials are subject to mold and degrade with humidity, water and weather. If damaged by a resident fiberglass is easily repaired.
  • How big are SafeHuts™?
    We have two homes; 1. 60 square foot one-bed 2. 80 square foot two-bed
  • Are SafeHuts™ easily sanitized?
    Yes, unlike other organic materials viruses don’t live long on fiberglass. SafeHuts™ can be sanitized with CDC approved disinfectants and dried in 10 minutes.
  • Can SafeHuts™ catch fire and burn?
    Yes, similar to wood and drywall structures SafeHuts™ can burn. However, SafeHuts™ can be special ordered with fire retardant resin that minimizes risk.
  • How many homeless can live in a SafeHuts™ village?
    A one-acre village can accommodate approximately 100 homeless individuals including sanitation, open-space and social service facilities.
  • Are SafeHuts™ weatherproof?
    Yes, SafeHuts™ are weatherproof. 99% of all recreational boats in the U.S. are made from fiberglass due to the high strength to weight ratio and its inherent ability to repel water, mold, and rot making SafeHuts™ weatherproof and almost maintenance free and indestructible.
  • Can SafeHuts™ withstand extreme climates?
    Yes, SafeHuts™ are weatherproof. They are custom manufactured with patent pending foam sandwich panelized walls and roof using resin infused GRP for a variety of R-Factor insulation ratings. Hot and cold climates require thicker insulation in the panels to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.
  • Can SafeHuts™ be used in cold climates with snow?
    Yes, because the insulation in SafeHuts™ provides rigidity the units withstand snow loads.
  • Do SafeHuts™ require a foundation?
    No. SafeHuts™ can be placed on any surface including dirt, gravel, concrete, asphalt or wood. If the installation requires, we offer adjustable leveling hardware making it a breeze to secure and level.
  • How much do SafeHuts™ weigh?
    A one-bed SafeHuts™ weighs 650 pounds.
  • Are SafeHuts™ safe in high wind areas?
    Yes, SafeHuts™ have the option of tie-down load anchors on all four corners for maximum safety in high wind events.
  • How are SafeHuts™ assembled?
    SafeHuts™ have seven separate fiberglass panels that easily bolt together with two people in two hours.
  • Can SafeHuts™ be dismantled and reassembled?
    Yes, SafeHuts™ are easily dismantled, reassembled and relocated multiple times.
  • How do SafeHuts™ ship?
    SafeHuts™ are packaged “flat” and assembled on-site significantly reducing shipping costs.
  • Do SafeHuts™ have power?
    Yes, SafeHuts™ are solar powered allowing for a fan, light and USB charging.
  • Do SafeHuts™ have bathroom facilities?
    No, SafeHuts™ has partnered with Sanitrax International BV ( for sanitation services. Sanitrax is the world’s largest provider of freshwater flushing vacuum sanitation solutions and services for entities such as Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. – all US festivals and 26 amphitheaters, Cirque du Soleil, Disaster Response and government camp installations along the southern border. All waste is under sealed vacuum from porcelain toilet bowls to the direct sewer discharge in real time; offering continual use without ever filling up or overflowing and zero odors.
  • Do SafeHuts™ have shelving, cabinets and furniture?"
    Yes, it is possible to add these items to SafeHuts™. We are a full-service boat building facility with custom manufacturing capability.
  • Do SafeHuts™ need to be painted?
    No. SafeHuts™ exterior surface is manufactured to resemble wood grain to give a soft and calming look and feel. Uniquely, we apply the highest quality UV inhibited gel coat material that protects from sun damage and eliminates the need for paint.
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